Game School #24: Thunder Classic Role Playing


Douglas Poirier takes the Game School crew through the epicness of Thunder Classic Role Playing. A new fantasy based RPG based around classic role-playing but with some new innovations and fresh concepts.

Chad and Satine are joined by two guest players for the demo. Together they travel to the village of Kurnbi to investigate why no one has heard from the town in some time. When they arrive, they find the town coated in a thick and unnatural fog. What lies in the fog ahead and what is causing it? You’ll have to listen to find out.

The demo adventure was actually much longer and will be continued this summer as one of the Afterschool Specials.


System: Thunder: Classic Role Playing

Hosts: Satine Phoenix, Chad Parish

Additional Players: Mike Kafes, Frank Sapia

Guest: Douglas Poirier–v32


Download the character sheets for this episode here: Eshia Torn-Val, Zahsha, Burbal Blaze Beater, Fritfidly

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