216 Tales of Gor

WARNING – This is a Detention episode. Thus, it may not be suitable for all listeners. There are themes of domination, bondage, and slavery.

Tales of Gor brings you into a striking world of science-fantasy role-playing. Born from the Gorean Cycle by John Norman, Tales of Gor brings you to The Counter Earth. Gor is a world of contradictions: freedom and slavery, science and fantasy, primitive violence and high technology.

Two great alien powers vie for control of the solar system. Their plans play out on two worlds, Earth and Gor. Will you take sides or simply strive to survive in a hostile world of gigantic animals, powerful city states, and cunning machinations?

The system is powered by Open D6. Tales of Gor lets you step into this long-running series of science-fantasy novels and carve your own future on the Counter-Earth. 

Illustrated in striking style by celebrated fetish and comic book artist Michael Manning (Spider Garden, Tranceptor) this book is also a visual treat for fans of Gor, giving his unique interpretation to Gor, its creatures and its people.

Tales of Gor: Gorean Roleplaying

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