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Game School #23: Baker Street

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The game is afoot! Game School cracks the case of the Baker Street rpg with author, Bryce Whitacre. This is a game worthy of the great detective himself and lets you the player use your own deductive reasoning to pierce the veil of mystery and ultimately discover whodunnit! System: Baker Street Hosts: Satine Phoenix, Chad…

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Game School #20: Pathfinder


Join the Game School crew, along with guest host and actor, Kyle Vogt, as they talk with Paizo‚Äôs James L. Sutter and Linda Zaya-Palmer, all about Pathfinder! James is a co-creator of the Pathfinder roleplaying game as well as the executive editor for Paizo Publishing. Linda is a 5-star Pathfinder Society GM and a developer…

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