Game School is a show dedicated to table top RPGs. On each episode the hosts will interview the game’s designer. The team will go over the setting, game mechanics, and character creation. They will then go through a short demo by the game’s creator to show you how it works.


Satine Phoenix

Satine Phoenix

Host – Season 1

Satine Phoenix is a comic book illustrator, painter, cosplayer, and all-around promoter of gaming. She is the co-creator of the graphic novel New Praetorians. Satine also founded CelebrityChariD20, DrawMelt, and DnDMelt. She currently hosts Maze Arcana on Twitch.




Chad Parish


Host – Season 1

Chad is a gaming enthusiast with over 30 years of playing. He cut his teeth on the classic granddaddy of RPGs, 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Chad has gone on to play and run a list of games too long to detail here. He is the host of the Dead Games Society podcast.





James Carpio “JC”

Host – Season 2

James is an educator, convention guru, podcaster, and game designer. As Chief Games officer of TSR Games, James was crucial in the development of Top Secret: New World Order RPG. He has held Assistant Director of Programming for ConnectiCon and I-CON. He is also the host of Cube of Death podcast and is the owner of Grindhaus Media.




Host – Season 2

Spence is the owner and audio maven of Resonant Moon Audiobook Solutions, a new regular on the podcast Nostalgia Pilots, and has a healthy love of gaming and anime, and general enthusiasm for all things in the nerd-o-sphere. Spence is the author of Stonebriar Casefiles, a novice cosplayer, and loves rolling the dice every Sunday for D&D. Oh, and did we mention that they’ve been voice acting since 2006.



Peter Bryant “Blix”


Peter is a podcaster, artist, game designer, writer, and is the Director of New Media for TSR. As a game designer, artist, and writer he has developed professional material for R. Talsorian Games, Tri Tac Games, Dilly Green Bean Games, Chapter 13 Press, and his own company Aether Forge Creations.


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