Guest Preparation

Thank you for agreeing to come on Game School. Below you will find everything you need to know to come on and have a great show.

This show is recorded over Skype. Please add Studio187 to your Skype contacts. Please note that while we use video during the show, we only record the audio. If you don’t want to use video, that’s okay, we just like seeing each other as it helps make for a warmer atmosphere.

We record both sides of the conversation. However, if you can record your own side, it will make for a much better show. If we use our own recording of your side, it’s bound to be compromised, therefore it is strongly suggested you download one of the free recording apps listed below.

You can use any recording program and there are many free ones. The two we recommend are Audacity and iFree Skpe Recorder. If you are unsure about how to set up a recording app, we can help you set either of these up and you can always uninstall them after we’re done with recording the episode. All we ask is that you please have them installed prior to the show, and afterwards we will send you a link to upload your recording file.

We also ask that you use headphones during the recording to eliminate any feedback.

Prior to the day of recording, we will need the following:

1. A regenerated character to use during the demo

2. A pdf of the game itself, which we will look over prior to recording. This need not be the full game, but it should include the basic system mechanics as we use that to generate questions


iFree Skype Recorder

Game School Show Format

Opening – 45 Seconds

Game name, Podcast name, Hosts & Guests, Music, Etc.

Guest Bio – 3 Minutes

The guest will briefly talk about their work in the industry and their company.

Game Summary and Backstory – 5 Minutes

This is a quick overview of the essential properties of the game. Describe things like how cinematic vs realistic is the game, the complexity level, is it point based, level based, or something else, etc. Is this a core system or is it setting specific? What is the setting? If there is a story to how the game came about you can tell it but keep it simple.

Don’t get too deep with any mechanics, stats, races or anything, 5 minutes goes by fast and people will pick the particulars up during the next few parts. Big broad strokes is the key, we don’t need people to actually be able to play the game just yet.

What You Need – 3 Minutes

When the player sit down at the table, what will they need to play a full on game? Is it contained in one book, what dice do we need, do we need dice, do we need a computer or internet access.

GM Notes – 10 Minutes

Here we dive into the mechanics and design concepts. This is where you can expand on the crunch a bit and why you put those elements into the game.

Advert Break – 1 Minute

The hosts will segue as seamless as possible into an advert for our sponsor of the week.

Character Creation – 10 Minutes

Go over how to create a character using the pre-supplied character that you emailed us. Focus on the things that will be important during the Sample Play and quickly go over the things that you want people to know are there but we won’t be using in the demo.

Sample Play – 15 Minutes

Run a pre-generated 15 minute introductory adventure that shows off the most essential aspects of your game.

Closing Wrap-up – 3 Minutes

Parting words and where we can get your game. Make sure to have your links prepared.

That’s pretty much it. We look forward to talking to you and learning a new game!